Alessandro Rosato

I am obsessed with what it means to be alive today: in culture, in the arts, for brands, and for businesses. For over five years I have been working as a brand strategist, in agencies, client-side, and now as a freelance consultant, with international organizations such as Nike, Havana Club, DDB agency, Huawei, and many more. I graduated with honours in Italy, and I lived in both Dublin and Barcelona—the city where I gained a master’s degree in brand management and started working for the advertising agency Global Digital Mojo.


If in the past I was looking for insights and truths in order to develop powerful campaign concepts or strategic brand solutions, today I am looking for them also to create audiovisual content as a filmmaker and director. Since I was a teenager I got involved in multiple projects about writing, photography, and filmmaking, using the alias name ‘Lucifross’ for all the creative content I produced. Eventually, in 2019/2020, I obtained a master’s degree in film directing at ESCAC and the name ‘Lucifross’ still represents my inner freedom of expression and a reminder of who I want to be.

Personal: [email protected] Currently based in Italy, working internationally.